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Mysterious 'bad_return' from supervisor

Today I learned…

I was recently evaulating this erlang fluentd client and got the following error when running rebar3 ct:

%%% efluentc_SUITE ==> {tc_auto_skip,

What’s a bad_return? It happens when the init/1 function in a supervisor module returns an invalid supervisor spec. Still, the project’s Travis page shows the build as green! What gives?

It turns out that while the version of Erlang that I had been running, 17.5, supports maps, it does not support the relatively new map-based supervisor spec API.

This spec was causing the error:

%% Supervisor callbacks
init([]) ->
    SupFlags = #{
      strategy  => simple_one_for_one,
      intensity => 1000,
      period    => 3600

    Child = #{
      id       => 'efluentc_client',
      start    => {'efluentc_client', start_link, []},
      restart  => permanent,
      shutdown => 2000,
      type     => worker,
      modules  => ['efluentc_client']

    {ok, {SupFlags, [Child]}}.


If you’re having problems with supervisors crashing with bad_returns, check your Erlang/OTP version. Map-based specs were added in Erlang 18.

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